Recently Published Figures Show that The Wildlife Population Worldwide Has Decreased

Recently published figures show that the wildlife population worldwide has decreased by around fifty per cent over the last fifty years. What can we do to help protect wildlife around the world?

It is imperative to save nature and the ecosystem . . in the contemporary era, a survey discovered that the wildlife population globally has fallen down day by day for the last fifty years. I believe that there are numerous ways how we can protect wildlife. It will be discussed in the forthcoming paragraph and relevant examples.

First and foremost, people should contribute to a volunteer team with many organizations to teach others what is the significance of animals in our life. Several organizations and zoos have volunteer programs in this way people can help to defence animals. Even though individuals do not have money, however, they can donate their time and help clean beaches, rescue wild animals as well as teach visitors. For instance, visit more zoos, aquariums, national parks, and wildlife refuges are all home to wild animals. Residents have learned more about our planet’s species from experts.

The second worth-mentioning reason, humans should stop purchasing products made from endangered animals or their parts. Therefore, animals can survive for immense years. Moreover, respective authorities have to implement draft string norms regarding recycling. People may have thrown the destroyed things in the dumps which the government manufactured for the public. Plus, trash pollutes everyone’s natural resources, and it is not only ugly but also harmful.

Plastic bags and plastic things should have been prohibited because birds and other animals can trap their heads in plastic rings. Thus, sometimes birds can not take away those things from their head, and they will be dead at the moment. In addition, People should create a conducive environment for animals. To conclude, my final analysis is those wild animals are essential for the country they attractive to tourists. It is human’s priority to defence the animals.

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