Some People Believe that Children Should Do Sports so that They Will Grow up as Healthy Adults (1)

Some People Believe that Children Should Do Sports so that They Will Grow up as Healthy Adults

Some people believe that children should do sports so that they will grow up as healthy adults, but others feel sports are just about enjoying yourself. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sport plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle, and according to some people, it is important to indulge their children in such activities as soon as possible. However, others believe that children should involve only if they enjoy such sports. We will discuss both views and will justify our conclusion in favour of the latter argument.

It is scientifically proven that outdoor activities, especially any sport, will help individuals gain physical and mental fitness. In addition to that, the impact of a healthy lifestyle will be much higher if it has been followed from a very young age. The parents follow the same idea and enrol their kids in their favourite sport. For example, In China, people have started to train their children to swim at 1 year. This idea seems a little harsh to some people as they are not much aware of the concept and are forced to learn a new skill.

No parent would like to see their child in the condition of obesity. But to some people, the idea to force sports activity on their kid feels a bit harsh. Also, these people believe that sports should be a medium of enjoyment rather than a job to succeed in. In such conditions, if the child likes to follow any sport, they will persuade and enjoy it, and it is also observed that the successful players in any sports are self-motivated.

It is important for parents to introduce different types of sport to their children and try to find out which one clicks to them. It is not a good plan to force any sport on their kids. Instead, try to introduce all different types of activities, identify their potential, and encourage them to follow their dream.

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