Some People Participate in Extreme and Dangerous Sports: Writing Task 2

Some people participate in extreme and dangerous sports. What can be done to avoid danger? How could these sports be made safer?

Nowadays, quite a several individuals are involved in strenuous and risky sports. However, these risks can be prevented by using appropriate safety equipment for the type of sport. Furthermore, forming associations that govern these dangerous sports could make them safer for the participants.

Safety concerns have risen when it comes to extremely dangerous sports, leading to life-threatening injuries. However, these risks can be avoided by using safety equipment and attire that can protect athletes from harm .ln recent years, there have been a lot of studies done on safety in such sports, which has resulted in more safety equipment being available. For example, the use of harnesses in mountain climbing to prevent falls, use helmets to avoid head injuries, and powder to prevent sweat, which can lead to slippery hands leading to falls .lf all these protective measures are used then these risks can be avoided.

Furthermore, putting in place governing boards for such sports will make them less hazardous. These associations should ensure that regulations are adhered to, and they conduct research on how to improve safety standards in these sports. For example, if one wants to be a boxer, he must register with relevant associations and meet the criteria needed for the sport, such as fitness. These boards also provide guidelines that protect boxers during a tournament by regulating the time, ensuring they have all the protective clothing and providing a qualified referee.

Therefore if all these measures are put in place, it would minimize hazards and make these sports less risky.

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