Some People Say that High School Students Should Study All the School Subjects

Some people say that high school students should study all the school subjects, while others think they should be allowed to choose subjects that they love or are good at. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Exercising is an effective way to keep the body healthy; however, doctors advise older people to do exercise on a regular basis, but most seniors neglect doctors’ advice because of a sedentary lifestyle. This essay will explain the reason and elucidate the methods to encourage older people to exercise.

On the other hand, there are multifarious reasons why people do have no exercise routine. The first and foremost point is that older people face several problems at this age. By dint of this, in senior age, people are not fully active because their bodies are covered with diseases and are not capable of doing exercise daily. The second point that cannot be neglected is that individuals have a weak memory in older age. To explain it, sometimes they forget their daily routine because of their memory problems. Moreover, in the cutting edge era, every facility is given to people in their comfort zone, so they do not want to work hard to make them stronger. They take medicine for a healthier lifestyle rather than exercise.

On the other hand, there are many methods to encourage people toward yoga. The top-notch point is that the government must organise fitness classes for older people and set up diverse programs to encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle in retirement age because most people are attracted to free things. The last but not least point is that their offsprings are a good way to motivate them because they always agree with their children and do anything for their children’s happiness. With the right guidance of their toddlers, they keep them fit and fine.

To conclude, many people reject doctors’ advice because of some medical problems and weak memory, and they are easily motivated by the regime by introducing fitness classes free of cost.

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