Some People Think that Climate Change Could Have a Negative Effect on Business

Some People Think that Climate Change Could Have a Negative Effect

Some People Think that Climate Change Could Have a Negative Effect on business. Other people think that climate change could create more business opportunities. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

In today’s world, there is a colossal upsurge in global warming, which is leading to different perceptions of people towards the development of commerce. While a section of society is worrisome owing to the drastic effects of the rise in earth’s atmospheric temperature, others ponder that this could prove an asset to several walks of life. However, in my opinion, the detrimental repercussions of the climatic fluctuations can surge grave issues in business development.

On the one hand, I agree with those who argue that there can be damaging effects on the growth of various occupations owing to climate changes. Predominantly, the agriculture industry can be severely affected because of the uncertainty of meteorological conditions, such as drought, floods and variations in temperature. As the majority of the developing nations are of agrarian economy, the changes in atmospheric situations will provide a poor harvest and thus leading to a setback in the progress of the farming business. Further, the rise in temperature can also possibly lead the tourism industry to a downfall when the snow of famous tourist attractions will melt and worsen the real beauty of that spot. Additionally, many industries have to comply with the regulations of greenhouse gas emissions and limiting their productions, for instance, thermal energy production plants as well as fossil fuel companies. Apparently, the climate-related risks can deter a number of trades to thrive.

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On the other hand, according to some individuals, the variations in the global climate could be a boon for some businesses. Primarily, the rise in heat waves can make some industries flourish to the pinnacle, for example, air cooling companies and air conditioners, to save people from the scorching sun. Similarly, not only the beverage industry can also earn lucrative profits in hydrating the thirst of persons, but also the need for skin protection will also boom to the peak level in the manufacturing of skincare products, such as sunscreen cream to save from ultraviolet rays. Besides, it also trues that because of the massive increase of toxic gases in the atmosphere, this can augment the demand for air purifiers dramatically. Hence, changes in the earth’s climate conditions can be fruitful for some manufacturers.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that changes in the earth’s climate will deter opportunities for many businesses to grow. However, this seems to encourage some other trades while combating the damages of global warming. If governments and individuals collaborate to tackle the deteriorating situation of the earth due to changes in the atmosphere, the environment will surely thrive to its zenith.

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