Some People Think that the Government Should Strictly Control the Supply of Freshwater

Some People Think that the Government Should Strictly Control

Some people think that the government should strictly control the supply of freshwater, as the resources are limited, while others think we can use as much water as we want. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

It has been explored by scientists that the Earth consists of only 0.7% drinkable water and the remaining portion of water is either stored in ice or in oceans and seas. But with the rising population, the demand for freshwater has risen to extreme levels and many believe that higher authorities need to keep a check and control on the supply of fresh water, while there are many who disagree. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and will provide supportive evidence.

Categorically speaking, putting restrictions on the supply of drinkable water is the best way to cope with the problem of depleting groundwater. This technique can actually make people understand that today, we need to invest more resources in preserving the essential possessions on the planet in order to survive and make our future generation enjoy their life on this beautiful planet. To cite an example, recently, many nations around the globe have started awareness campaigns to protect our natural resources by way of roadshows, workshops, exhibitions, art fairs and many more. Thus, there is an urgent call for the figureheads to prioritise their policies and strategies towards encouraging their people and saving the planet.

Consequently, the government also needs to ensure that its people are served well with all the necessities of life. In other words, laws and regulations must be initiated but keeping in view that no nationite is harmed and feel devastated when limitations are being put. Water and food are the basic need of the human body and without it, the population may lack proper nutrients for a healthy body. To illustrate, African states have the least basic resources and many documentaries have been filmed to educate the world to look at what a scarcity of resources can do. So, the population must be provided with knowledge of what is happening around them before enacting plans.

In conclusion, although constraints are a must for this new world as people are blindly utilising the resources without thinking of its worst consequences, the public needs to first be provided awareness regarding the results and then initiate the law

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