Some Say that Due to Heavy Traffic Government Needs to Build More

Some say that due to heavy traffic government needs to build more roads in metropolitan cities. At the same time, others argue that this is not the right solution. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

The problem of traffic congestion is the most common scenario in metro cities across the world. In many circles, it is often argued that the government should build more new roads and highways in metropolitan cities to curb this pressing issue, while others refute the concept. The substantial influence of this trend has sparked controversy over the potential impact in recent years. In my opinion, I am partially agreed with this statement, and this essay will further explain my views, thus lead to a logical conclusion.

There are myriad of reasons which will further explain this argument. Still, the most preponderant one stems from the fact that there are also some heady solutions like encouraging to using of public transport and enforcing strict traffic rules and regulations and so on. To explain further, in the urban area, most individuals have never been afraid to disobey the traffic rules, so the regime could be enforced strict traffic laws and imposed heavy fines for breaking traffic rules. Besides, building new highways and roads in metropolitan cities also enhances the pollution rate due to more vehicles that emit green gases, which really increase global warming. Hence, traffic congestion could be controlled by the above-said solutions instead of constructing new roads or highways in metropolitan cities.

On the other hand, due to the economic solvency, cities dwellers tend to have private vehicles to commuting as a result of the number of private cars increasing day by day, which puts pressure on roads thus it leads to increase the chances of roadside accidents thus constructing news roads in urban cities also help to decrease the roadside accident rates in a particular portion of the state. An increasing number of links roads to metropolitan cities with other developing cities also help to increase trade imports and exports. The help of four-lane or six-lane roads in metropolitan cities enhances the inter cities revenue, resulting from boosting the economy of a particular state. Hence, it is apparent which some are in favour of constructing new roads and highways.

To reiterate, according to the arguments above, one can reach that benefit of building new roads are instrumental indeed. Nevertheless, its potential drawback should not be overlooked either.

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