Talk about a problem that you solved with help of internet

Sample 1 (cure hypothyroid naturally)

cure hypothyroid naturallyWell, the internet is an important source of information and entertainment. We cannot deny the fact that the internet is really a problem solver for everyone. In the present scenario, there are thousands of websites that provide useful information in just one click. I also use the internet whenever I faced any problem and here I would like to share one situation when I took the help of the internet to solve my problem.

Last year, I came to know that I have a hypothyroid problem. As a result of it, I put a lot of extra weight as well as I did not control my eating habits. Because of this, I faced so many problems and consulted with my doctor. At that time, the doctor prescribed me medicine of Hypothyroid which I intake every morning. But, I felt this is not a permanent solution to cure any disease.

Luckily, At that time, one of my friends told me that his mother was also facing the same problem but now she is perfectly fit. He told me that, she used home remedies to cure it naturally and consequently now she is reduced thyroid level without medicine.

That was the time when I searched on Google about home remedies to cure hypothyroid naturally. I found a lot of website and YouTube tutorials which provides information related to this content. By the grace of God, I saw a video of Dr Rajiv Dixit who explained the causes of Hypothyroid and naturally solution of it. In this video, he told us about coriander seed water is beneficial for curing this disease. I followed this remedy for 1 month and got a good result.

In addition to it, I also followed a special diet plan for thyroid patient which he suggests in another video. Moreover, with the help of this remedy, diet plan or exercise, I am able to cure my disease within 2 months. Overall, this was a time when I faced a problem and I solved it with the help of the internet.

Sample 2 ( presentation on the computer )

presentation on the computerWell, the internet has become part and parcel of our life. We can’t imagine our life without the internet. It helps us in many ways as well as broadens the horizons of our minds. Many times I get help from the internet to complete challenging tasks. So here I would like to talk about one of them.

In my school days, my computer teacher gave project work for our whole class. This project was related to programming language C ++. He also recommended us to prepare it with the help of PowerPoint. Thank God, I had information about programming language C++. But unfortunately, I did not have enough knowledge to use MS PowerPoint. So I felt worried.

I shared this problem with my brother Lovepreet. Sadly, he did not have time to teach me how to use MS PowerPoint? But he advised me to take help from the internet.

I searched for it on the internet. and found YouTube tutorials but I selected one of them. so I watched that video and it was amazing. as well as learned how to prepare a presentation in MS PowerPoint. I start preparing my presentation on the computer by using MS PowerPoint. so I also follow the steps that were presented in that YouTube tutorial. A person who has created the YouTube tutorial, he was explaining each and every step very clearly about using MS PowerPoint. By the grace of God, within a short time, I prepared my presentation. After it, he wrote a comment in the comment box of this YouTube tutorial for helping me in an effective way.

Then on the day of a class presentation, presented it in front of the whole class. Everybody was astounded how I make it properly. My teacher appreciated me as well as gave me a set of notebooks as a reward. I felt highly elated at that time. Overall, I became able to solve my problem with the help of the internet. I believe, that the YouTube tutorial fruitful for me.

Follow Up Questions–

-Do you think information on internet is reliable?

Well, according to my point of view, information on  internet is unreliable because any person can post information on it. Nowadays, people create social accounts and upload a variety of information whether it is trust-able or not. Sometimes, we have to face problems due to unreliable resources of knowledge.

-What are other method to find or search information?

Apart from internet, one can find information in books, magazines and newspaper’s articles. This type of knowledge is more reliable than internet because it is only published after analyzing sources.

-What kind of information do human beings trust on?

Well, if I compare it with past time, then, in ancient time, people did trust on books and newspapers. But in the present time, people do trust on all kind of information. They do not think or analyze that is it trustworthy or not? In fact, they believe in rumors which bad persons upload on internet.

Do you think you will use more internet in future?

Well, future is unpredictable. I believe that if I get more free time in future, then, I would like to spend it on internet.

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