Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone

Sample 1 ( make your business website to achieve more profit )

make your business website to achieve more profit

Well, this is human nature to take or give a piece of advice. In fact, in India giving advice is quite common. There are So many times when I gave free advice to my friends as well as my near and dear ones. I personally believe that, with giving advice, we show our respect and care toward others. However, here I would like to talk about the advice which I gave to my friend for enhancing his business.

About 2 years ago, my friend name Ryan started his business of clothing. But unfortunately, he did not earn enough revenue to expand his business. I vividly remembered that, on 21st January, he called me and sound very low. At that time, I asked him about his problem. Then he told me that, he was not satisfied with the number of clients or customers. In addition to it, he was also facing a problem with expanding his business worldwide.

I asked a few questions to him and I understand the whole matter. At that time I advised him, to make your business website to achieve more profit. Along with this, the website also helps you to increase your business worldwide. He fully agreed with my advice but he did not have enough knowledge about website developing and designing.

Luckily, I have a full website designing and developing course tutorial. So I gave it to him for designing his website. he followed my advice and create an account on google business as well as built his business website.

After one month, he again called me and thank me for this advice. He told me that, this advice is very fruitful for him because now he exports his clothing items to other Nations. Moreover, his yearly turn over also increased with the help of it. As a result of it, now he is able to pay all expenses and invest money in assets. All in all, Fortunately, I feel extremely glad to see that my advice works in a positive way for him.

Sample 2 ( presentation on the computer with the help of Microsoft Word )

presentation on the computer with the help of Microsoft Word

Well, giving advice is a great responsibility. In India usually, people like to get advice from educated persons before taking important decisions or doing tasks. So here I would like to talk about a situation when I gave advice to my brother to prepare a presentation. I explain it briefly.

Actually about three years ago, my brother was a school going, child. Then one day, his teacher gave him a presentation as well as recommended him to prepare it with the help of a computer. The topic of this presentation was a strange wild animal named Coala.

By the grace of God, my brother had knowledge about Coala because he got this information with the help of the internet. So he started preparing his presentation on the computer with the help of Microsoft Word because he did not know that the presentations are only prepared with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint. When I saw his activities then I felt worried about this matter.

Then I advised him to use MS PowerPoint as well as to prepare it in slides. But unfortunately, he did not know about MS PowerPoint. So, he requested me to help him. I said yes to him. I taught him to step by step and he prepared it within a short time. After it, on the day of a class presentation, he presented it in front of the class. Everybody clapped for him as well as also appreciated him for this beautiful work.

On that day when he came back home after attending his school, he explained to me that his Teacher said good words for him as well as his friends also appreciated him.

Also, he thanked me for help but I said that it is your hard work that you have done to prepare this presentation. I felt highly elated. All in all, that was the time when I help someone by giving useful advice to him. I believe that we should provide the best advice if someone seeks help from us.

Follow Up Questions-

Is giving and receiving advice is usual in your country?

Yes of course, in India people like to get advice from educated or experienced persons. But sometimes, a few number of humans give bad advice to others in order to spoil their work.

From whom you like to get advice?

I like to get advice from my parents because they are important part of my life And they have more experience of life. Apart from it, I like to take advice from my teachers to whom I know very well. I only get advice from others when I have to take important decision of my life such as buying an expensive things and so on.

Do you think children should make all their decisions by own?

Well, according to my point of view, Juveniles are immature to tale big decision for their own. I think Kids should make only small decisions such as buying stationary stuff, playing with friends, and so on. But parents do not allow them to take big decisions such as travelling alone to long distances, purchasing expensive things and so on.

Do parents in your country help their children to take important decisions?

Yes of course, In  India, parents help their kids to take big and important decisions such as  choosing a profession, selecting life partner, visiting to a foreign country and so on.

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