Talk About a Time when You Enjoyed Your Visit to A Park or Garden

Talk about a time when you enjoyed your visit to a park or garden.

  • Where it was?
  • what does it look like?
  • What do you do there?
  • And explain why you liked it there?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Time when You Enjoyed Your Visit to A Park or Garden

I like to see the natural sceneries like mountains, parks, forests and hill stations as well as riverfront areas. But today I would like to talk about the park in my cousin’s hometown. This park is situated at the west corner of my town. It is known as the APMC garden. In this park, there was a green meadow.

Where many people came to refresh themselves, on the other side of the garden, there was a small playground where many pupils played cricket. There was a kinder playground also. Many children came with their parents and enjoyed slides and swings. There was a big path at the round of the garden.

Where many humans came to jog in the morning and evening. At the side of the path, wooden benches were put for elderly people. Many adults had come for yoga and meditated themselves. There was a separate area for themselves, like a stage. This place was very wonderful for taking selfies because of the colourful scenario.

I went there jogging with my cousin. Because I found peace and a natural scenario there, it seemed to me like heaven. I felt tickled pink while returning from the park.

Follow ups Talk About a Time when You Enjoyed Your Visit to A Park or Garden

Question 1:- Are public gardens very important in your country? what do you think are the benefits of having gardens in the city?

Answer – Yes, public gardens are very important. Many people come to relax there. As well as many children come for playing, and elders come to pass their free time. Elders get peace there.

Question 2:- Are there any public gardens in your country?

Answer – Yes, there is a big garden in my city. Which has a green meadow, children playground and many beautiful flowers.

Question 3:- Do you think, there are enough public gardens in your hometown?

Answer – I think so. Because at the weekend there are crowd at there. So I think it’s not enough.

Question 4:- Very often, public gardens are not designed in a simple way but, instead, are laid out in a rather complex way. why do you think this the case?

Answer – In this case, I think in the modern era, many parks offer many kinds of facilities like amusement parks for children, enough sitting capacity, as well as gym and sanitation facility.

Question 5:- Do you think governments should provide public gardens for people to visit?

Answer – Yes, the government should provide. Because in this busy era, many youngsters find quietness and I think the best place to get it is garden.

Question 6:- What do people do when they go to a public garden?

Answer – Generally, people go to a public garden for doing various activities such as yoga, playing games, meditating themselves, and gossiping.

Question 7:- How do people of different age groups use public gardens?

Answer – As I said above that children come for playing games, as well as youngsters, come for yoga, jogging and meditate themselves. Many elders come for getting peace and do yoga. Many women come for gossips with each other.

Question 8:- What are the benefits of the park in the city?

Answer – Getting a park in the city may benefit too. Many youngsters come for relaxation in this busiest time. Many elder people come for passing their time with their colleagues.

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