Talk about an Interesting Conversation that You Had with Someone

Talk about an Interesting Conversation that You Had with Someone
  • Who you had it with?
  • Where did you have it?
  • What was the conversation, and why did you have it?

Sample Answer of Talk about an Interesting Conversation that You Had with Someone

Actually, I am a journalist, so I am very interested in the history of my country. I remembered 5 years ago, and I had an interesting conversation with my father about the Indo Pak migration. At that time, I had submitted the story on newspaper before the independent day, so I sat with him in my drawing-room, and he told me the whole migration story; he had only 10 years old when his family migrated. He told me when they left the country, and he had nothing; even his family had no money.

He was reached by train, that time was very horrible because everyone killed each other, many people destroy homes, crops, etc. it was a very historic time for me because he gave me lots of important information which is converted into written form and printed it newspaper because last month his death due to covid 19 and that conversation mean a lot for me. 

Follow-Ups Talk about an Interesting Conversation that You Had with Someone

Question 1-What is the difference between the conversation between males and females?

Answer – I usually thought females talk to a female friend too easily rather than male conversation. Still, sometimes its case to case depends because many females feel comfortable with a male partner because of professional matters.

Question 2-What is the difference between talking on the phone and face-to-face conversation?

Answer – definitely it is a huge difference because covid everyone contacts each other with different social media forms. Still, everyone wants to meet and talk face to face because it is a very relaxing therapy.

Question 3- Why do some people get nervous when they give presentations?

Answer – Due to lack of confidence, many people feel nervous about facing the people, so many people collapse and lose their memories. And their presentation ruined for loose confidence

Question 4 – Do you think using visual aids while giving a presentation is necessary?

Answer – In my belief, this is not necessary for presentation. It distracts the view interest, so the speaker focuses on their matter and relevant information.

Question 5 – Why is body language important?

Answer – If you just read a presentation without any expression, it is a very bore and dump presentation and may you will lose the marks, rather than if your present with full of expression it is worth full

Question 6 – Do you think humour is important for a speaker?

Answer – Not necessary, sometimes it depends on a situation may be a high-level meeting such as a prime minister, army chief sit on your front and you will brief detail on the border situation, so on that time humour is just like a disaster.

Question 7 – What kind of speaker do you like?

Answer – I think full of expression, confidence and total grip on their topic; it is my favourite speaker because I don’t like dump speakers who only read a paper and leave the dies.

Question 8 – Are there any disadvantages of face-to-face conversation?

Answer – I thought in my case. I cannot lie anything if I talk face to face. So it is a big disadvantage for me.

Question 9 – Who do you prefer chatting with – your parents or your friends?

Answer – Definitely I prefer my parents because parents it’s your real friends so when I depressed I go to my mother and tell the whole situation about my depression, and she’s solved my problem within an hour

Question 10 – Do most people have just a small number of friends or many friends?

Answer – In my opinion, it depends on the people’s behaviour; my best friends, saba, have a huge social circle, and everyone is her friend, but in my case, I have a few friends I don’t want to make more friends.

Question 11 – What qualities do you think a good friend should have?

Answer – Hard time always different shade the friends because in good time everyone with you but in the difficult time to give lesson who with you

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