It Has Been Suggested that Everyone in the World Want to Own a Car

It has been suggested that everyone in the world want to own a car, a tv, and a you think the disadvantages of such a development outweigh the advantages?


Technology has changed the world. Our lifestyle depends on all electronic items like TV, fridge, personal cars, and other products. However, all-electric items have many advantages, such as make life easier. On the other hand, there are many disadvantages, especially those that destroy our environment.

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To begin with, some people believe that due to the pathetic transport system, every citizen’s purchase owns a car and that policy is not good for government and the environment.  For example, in our city lack of proper transport, everyone purchased own car. Behind the reason create another lot of problems, Firstly, with the increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, traffic jams have become a severe problem for the citizens. Secondly, lots of vehicles produce air pollutions, which affect human health directly and increased skin diseases. Similarly, TV and fridge are electric items generate noise and toxic, for this reason, Gastrointestinal diseases have increased. As well as many people eat Stale food, this is also not good for health.

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On the other hand, all electronic items make life easier, and TV provides all the current situation in your country with news channels. TV provides cheap entertainment at your fingertips. Refrigerator is also benefited in your life which the save the food easily with a long time. Moreover, Cars is not a luxury product; it is the essential item for us.  


In conclusion, some people believe electronic products destroy your development. Still, in my opinion, this is not a true statement because that types of products make life easy and convenient Definitely, development without technology is now an impossible dream. 

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