The Manufacturing and Use of Cars Damage the Environment but Their Popularity Is Increasing

The manufacturing and use of cars damage the environment but their popularity is increasing. Why is this? How could this be controlled?

The manufacturing and use of cars damage the environment but their popularity is increasing majorly of the population around the globe and most specifically in the Western Countries like USA, UK, Canada the Automotives consumption is pretty high due to various constraints which involve the key factor is the climate in the western countries as it a basic necessity and also their way of living is slightly different compared to Asia and other continents. The popularity of cars is relatively multiplying as each car firm comes up with a new feature which is an eyecatcher for the consumer and the majority of the car firms try their best to evolve.

However, the usage of cars damages the environment due to the exhaust gas from the car exhaust pipe is silently contributing to the most pressing problem worldwide is global warming. Greenhouse gases trap the heat in the atmosphere and increase the temperature of the planet.

The Greenhouse effect can only be controlled, and moreover, we can save the environment for our future generations only by using Electric Vehicles (EVs). Electric Vehicles are currently evolving at their best to satisfy consumer needs and requirements. Electric Vehicles will rule in the future with their most anticipated build quality and their designs. As of now, the most loved electric vehicle is the Tesla EV. Tesla is founded by Elon Musk, and he is the current CEO of Tesla.

The best thing about the Tesla Electric car doesn’t emit any exhaust gas as it is an electric vehicle, and moreover, the maintenance of the vehicle is comparatively cheap compared to other fueled cars or gaseous cars. The only best feasible solution to saving the environment from the fueled or gaseous car is only by using Electric cars.

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