The Map Below Describes Changes to A Park in 1980 and Now: AC Writing Task 1

The map below describes changes to a park in 1980 and now. summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The Map Below Describes Changes to A Park in 1980 and Now

The maps illustrate how a park was in 1980 and developed existing.

As an overall assessment, it can be seen that some facilities are added to the present map; on the other hand, remove two gets and build several paths.

To begin with, in 1980 there were several trees on the corner of the right side, the corner is extended and set up barbeque, desk and chair. Moreover, in the right side corner, there were flowers in past time they were removed and construct a playground for children.

Furthermore, opposite side of the playground flowers in 1980, the flowers were cut down and established some bushes. In addition, on the upper side of the bushes, there are some branches around the pond and add one more benches. Moreover, the pond is located in the same place with the same size. Be continued, there was only two way to enter the park in 1918, but at the present time, there are add more two ways to enter the park.

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