It Is Impossible for The Government to Help Everyone Around the World: Writing Task 2

It is impossible for the government to help everyone around the world, so it should focus on its own country’s development. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In this contemporary epoch, it is not possible for the authority to help every individual around the globe. Thus it should focus on its own Nations development. I completely agree with the statement and the number of arguments surrounding my opinion in the upcoming paragraph.

To comment, with government should provide some basic amenities to their nation’s people, such as water, groceries and many others; for instance, the Indian government gave their people one year of free groceries during COVID 19 pandemic time. Administration provides masses to pure water facilities because, for that reason, the public do not suffer from some water-related disease likewise cholera, thyroid and diarrhoea.

In addition, the administration should focus on their nation’s problems like poverty and starvation. They should listen to the public voice and tackle their problems so, as a result, they automatically raise their nation’s economy. The government provides some job opportunities for their youngsters and gives them a scholarship for their studies.

On the other hand, developed countries should help developing Nations by opening some branches of their big companies in developing countries. They also have to provide some medicines and some advanced machinery to develop their growth rate. To exemplify, some nations search for coronavirus vaccines; they help to world’s other countries to provide vaccines and worldwide decrease coronavirus cases.

To recapitulate, advanced countries should help underdeveloped Nations by providing medicines and some prevent diseases and surgical instruments. From my point of view, administration firstly takes care of their Nations people and provide some public facilities to grow their economy and also listen to their complaint and give the solution.

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