The News Is an Important Source of Knowledge for All of Us About the World (6)

The News Is an Important Source of Knowledge for All of Us About the World

The news is an important source of knowledge for all of us about the world, especially in this era of technology. Journalists are mainly responsible to bring this news to us but not all of them are true to their responsibilities and ethics. How much can we trust the journalists? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

The news is an important awareness for all humans in this world. News provides information about the world through newspapers, magazines and many more devices. Especially in this era of technology, some journalists are true and value the real news, but some make money in this market. As of now, I am going to explain further the journalist’s point of view in my writing.

News plays an important role in everyone’s life because it information not only about the world but the outside the world too. Some Journalists provide correct information and value their ethics, and they think that they can change the world and make aware people through their news, and that is why they believe show the correct news. Now everyone can watch the news on TV, on Mobile and through many more devices, and it is easy for humans to access the news channel anywhere. I think BBC show the proper and correct news to their viewers.

Moving ahead, some journalists sell news for money and fame. All the news channels are rush into to gain the TRP of their channels, but I think it’s okay. At least they have to show the news properly without any hidden truth. Many people are influenced by the news, and if they watch fake news, they spread rumours about them and behind the truth of that rumour is not conveyed to the people, and on that basis, people make a judgment about the world, and I think that is not the right thing to do.

In Conclusion, Journalists make money but do not sell the news but rather show the real news and gain the people’s support, and I believe that is more important.

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