The Use of Social Media Is Replacing Face-To-Face Interaction Among Many People in Society

The use of social media is replacing face-to-face interaction among many people in society. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Using social media platforms have changed the way of interactions from in-person meetings to online communication. Despite the addiction to social media applications, its merits for individuals, which are to connect without geographical barriers and distance learning, supersede the above demerit.

Admittedly, with the usage of social networking sites, a person can become addicted to that. This is because when people have provided access to a wide range of applications, such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook, to interact with others, they would have started to use these sites without any limits; therefore, causing detrimental effects on their physical as well as mental health.

However, social media has allowed communicating with those who are living far away. To elaborate, if it is not possible to meet others personally due to geographical resistance, social networking sites help people to interact effectively and conveniently. To exemplify, students who migrate overseas for their education and career purpose can communicate with their families through video calls.

In addition to better communication, social media helps to provide distance learning to the students. To corroborate this view further, when learners are not able to attend classes physically during the lockdown caused due to covid pandemic, various applications such as zoom, google meet are used for online classes. The more the utilisation of social media, the more opportunities are available to the people.

To recapitulate, although the unlimited use of social networking sites causes adverse effects due to addiction, it provides not only better online interaction but also convenient classes in online mode to the learners.

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