Time Management IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Time Management IELTS Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Time Management IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Question 1:- Are you ever late for anything?

Answer- When it comes to being late, I’m usually one of those people who are poor at time management because I rarely get to places on time. However, there are a few instances that I stick to the clock.

Question 2:- What excuses do you use when you are late?

Answer- I’m very good at excuses when I’m late. I can vividly remember an occasion that I had to lie that the car that I was travelling in had an accident and all the passengers were taken to the police camp as witnesses, but sometimes I have to tell the truth although I know that truth-telling in such times will make me get some punishment.

Question 3:- What excuses do people have when they are late?

Answer- People can give different excuses covering up for their lateness. Like I said before, it depends may be on the person where the excuse will be directed. People are of different characters and opinions, so I think it needs the one giving an excuse to assess the mood first.

Question 4:- Are you good at organizing time?

Answer- When it comes to time organization, I can’t say I’m one of those people who can manage. Because of too many duties to fulfil, I sometimes find myself failing to complete one task at a time and end up multitasking.

Question 5:- How do you usually organize time?

Answer- I try to organize my time by use of an alarm, although sometimes it won’t work due to power cuts in my country, which sometimes keep most of the digital devices with low or no battery. I’m surprised there are some people who can time their selves off the head and achieve their set targets.

Question 6:- Do you think planning is important for time management?

Answer- I do agree that planning is important for time management because it makes people achieve time management. When people get things done in time, they won’t inconvenience others, and usually, they will have their work done in time.

Question 7:- Why do you think some people pay to learn time management?

Answer- Paying for time management is essential in such a way that people learn skills that help them to use their time wisely and cautiously without wasting time meant for other duties. However, some people may see it as a waste of money, but personally, I feel it’s worth it.

Question 8:- Do you think children should learn to manage time?

Answer- I think it is good for children to learn time management. It will help them to make use of their time from childhood to adulthood. It will also work for their school work which they will manage to finish and submit assignments within the stipulated times.

Question 9:- Why do some people find it hard to follow their plans?

Answer- People find it hard to follow their plans because of many reasons, which can be lack of resources or some other reasons. Actually, what we plan may end up going the unplanned way, but I think as long as it doesn’t affect other things, I’m comfortable with it.

Question 10:- How would you teach your children time management?

Answer- Children are taught time management from their life in utero when the mother communicates with the baby and continue after birth. We can teach them also by telling them times for activities and sticking to the times without failure, for example, time for meals and bathing times.

Question 11:- Do old people and young people manage time in a similar way?

Answer- Old people and young people manage time in different ways because their needs differ. Old people often don’t value time management because most of them are retired and have nothing to worry about

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