Weather IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Weather IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Weather IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Question 1. What is the weather usually like in your hometown?

Answer:- My home town is popularly known for being the hottest city in the country as during the summer season the temperature rises up to 50 degrees celsius. Whereas during the winter season, the temperature decreases up to 8 to 9 degrees. Moreover, during the rainy season, it is quite cool due to the drizzle.

Question 2. What’s your Favourite weather?

Answer:- As I said, my city is popularly known for summer so I can say that I like winter the most because it is cold everywhere. Then there are a lot of citrus fruits available in this season. Lastly, the nights are longer so we can enjoy sleeping.

Question 3. Do you like the weather in your hometown?

Answer:- In the month of May, it is very difficult to stay in the city as the temperature is too high. It is very annoying to go in such heat, but in the rest of the months, it’s normal.

Question 4. Do you like wet weather?

Answer:- I would say partially. Wet weather means rainy. So one side we can enjoy a long ride with friends and family and sometimes have a hot tea or hot maggie. But on the other side, it is difficult to go anywhere as there will be water everywhere and there are high chances of getting clothes dirty because of water dirt.

Question 5. Do you prefer wet or dry weather?

Answer:- I would say wet weather rather than hot because I have stayed in hot weather it’s very uncomfortable.

Question 6. Do you like hot and dry weather?

Answer:- I would say dry weather as there would not be sweat and no much more hotness. So I would prefer dry rather than hot.

Question 7. What do you do in hot weather?

Answer:- In hot weather, as we can’t go outside, so I like to switch on the Ac and watch Tv or have fun. Moreover, I like to enjoy this season because of the availability of mangoes. And also everybody has a vacation, so all our relatives gather at my grandmother’s house and have fun.

Question 8. Is there any part of your country where it does not rain much?

Answer:- As I know, some places of Rajasthan, such as Jaisalmer, is some of the places I know that receive less rainfall, and it is known for arid weather.

Question 9. Can you remember any time when it rained particularly heavily in your hometown?

Answer:- Yes, definitely I remember when I was in 8th class, there were 8 inches of rain in two hours, and we were in school. At that time, the management decided to send us home. As I am staying in a low lying area so due to rain, it was full of floods all around the city, and it was difficult to pass the bus. So, our school decided to drop all the students in the branched one and informed our parents to receive us. At that time my mother somehow came to take us which me, my sister and some of my nearby friends. And somehow, walking in the water above the waist, we reach home. At that time, there was a huge loss in my city as half of the city was submerged under the water.

Question 10. Does rain ever affect transportation in your hometown?

Answer:- Yes definitely. Due to floods all around the city, it is difficult to run on roads. None of the vehicles can go from one place to another, so yes, it is difficult.

Question 11. Do you like sunshine? Why?

Answer:- I would say partially. Lots of sunshine will increase the hit, but I like early morning sunshine as it is light bright.

Question 12. Do you like going outside on the weekends on sunny days?

Answer:- No, because of heat, I would say I don’t like the summer season as it is heat everywhere.

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