When New Towns Are Planned, It Is Important to Build More Public Parks or Sports Facilities than Shopping Centres for People to Spend Their Free Time

When New Towns are planned, It is important to build more public parks or sports facilities than shopping centres for people to spend their free time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In modern times, emphasis is on improvement, whether is it of technology or lifestyle. So goes with town planning, one part of society believes that parks for public and sports facilities are important for spending free time, whereas others believe that in place of those centres/ shops /showrooms for shopping are needed. The below paragraphs will showcase the reasons for agreeing with parks and sports.

Firstly, In this hustle tussle life, people have forgotten the importance of being mentally and physically fit. Exercise increases blood circulation, which in place lowers stress and anxiety hence requiring sports equipment or place, whereas parks act as a place for family time spending. On the other hand, shopping centres are related to materialistic things which should be given lesser value. Following this, scientific research has shown dopamine(a hormone responsible for happiness) is released during exercise.

Sequentially, Parks complete the important purpose of preserving the green belt. Increasing pollution is already affecting our health by getting us sick as a result decreasing human life span. To counter this issue easiest and the expense-free solution is increasing parks around us. For instance, cars emit co2(carbon dioxide) which is harmful to human beings. Plants and trees produce O2 (oxygen) to make the environment free from harmful gasses without much investment.

To summarize, I strongly believe parks and sports facilities are much more important to establish compared to shopping places. Because the former helps in overall human well-being while the latter is only helpful for a short period of satisfaction.

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