You Would like to Work in a Different City to Be Closer to Your Family

You Would like to Work in a Different City to Be Closer to Your Family

You would like to work in a different city to be closer to your family. Write a letter to your employer to request a transfer to another office. In the letter:

  • Explain why you would like to move.
  • Request that your employer places you in a specific city.
  • Request that it be completed by a certain date.

Dear Sir,

I am Lakhwinder Singh, Quality Analytic and I am writing this letter to request you for my transfer to the nearby station of my hometown.
Here I would like to draw your attention that I am currently working in your pharmaceutical company at Chandigarh, and I am living in the rented accommodation at Sector-14, Chandigarh, but my home town in New Delhi. My working period in this company is more than two years. Due to my parents’ ill-health now, it is challenging for me to fulfil my parents and family responsibilities because I am far away accommodated from my family.
It is pertinent to mention here that there are two branches of our company established recently and now both branches are fully working. In the Delhi Branch of our company, there is also a requirement of Lab Analytic/Assistant.
It is humbly requested to you that please liaison with the Higher Authority and kindly allow my transfer to the nearby branches of our company within one-two months because, in the coming next month, there is a chance of operation of Knees of my mother in Nehru Hospital, Delhi.
Looking forward to hearing back from your side.
Yours Sincerely,
Lakhwinder Singh

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