Young People Have Different Ideas and Attitudes than Their Parents

Young people have different ideas and attitudes than their parents and grandparents. What are the differences, and what problem may it cause?

Nowadays, ample youngsters are having distinct attitudes with different ideas when compared to their elders like their parents and grandparents. Most of the young people such as students are addicted to bad habits where they are unable to come out from those. In this essay, I would like to depict both differences as well as problems which can affect youngsters.

Firstly, as there are a lot of differences in young people when compared to elders. This might be because of the change in society as well as culture. Even if there are multiple changes in society we have to stick with the cultures and traditions of our families. For instance, I have encountered on small examination between 12 years kids 30 years adults. There are a lot of differences when we examine them. Such as, for every question, student’s BP is increasing rapidly. Due to this anger, they cannot overcome any difficulties in the future. After observation, these changes are observed in kids. The kid is having bad habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, bike rides so that they are unable to concentrate on their studies. These can lead to serious problems in future.

On the other hand, during their young age children are inventing many novice things which were already published in newspapers. When compared to elders, children are more intelligent so that their inventions succeed. Whereas, parents and grandparents are not having vast knowledge in terms of studies. For instance, a recent software developed by an 8-year kid in Bhopal was boosting many children during this lockdown. Due to their parent support as well as during this pandemic time kids are having more advantage to learn new things.

To recapitulate, new distinct ideas along with attitude can help some people to achieve their goals whereas if we use them properly.

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