Write a Letter to the Newspaper Editor about the Mistake

Write a letter to the newspaper editor about the mistake they made in an article.

  • In your letter, you should:
  • Explain what the mistake is
  • Suggest how to correct that mistake

Sample Answer of Write a Letter to the Newspaper Editor about the Mistake

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter in connection with the article which was published on 29.04.2021. I am Hema staying in Guntur with my family. From the past 25 years onwards, we are addicted to your newspaper. I am suggesting a few modifications so that mistakes will not happen again.

In yesterday’s newspaper, we have encountered few silly mistakes that occurred on the sports page. As the match won by India whereas the editor written as Australia won the match with 2 wickets. This news was really not satisfactory because before night we have watched the match with my friends.

However, the team declared as India won the match with 2 wickets. Ensure this will never happen again so that Indian cricket fans will not disappoint regarding this. Please make sure in tomorrow’s newspaper give small advertisement that it was an editor fault.

Hope you will resolve the problem as soon as possible. Awaiting better action.

Yours faithfully,


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