Describe a Goal that You Hope to Achieve in the Future

Describe a goal that you hope to achieve in the future or Describe your goal in life

  • what the goal is
  • when you first began to have this goal
  • how you would achieve the first step of your goal
  • how easy or difficult you think it will be to reach this goal

Sample Answer of Describe a Goal that You Hope to Achieve in the Future or Describe your goal in life

Well, I think every individual living on the earth must have two goals in their lives first is a personal goal which can be regarding their career or their studies the other goal I would mention that can be of the society by society I mean that we received so much from our relatives or friends and our neighbourhood from the second goal we want to give it back to the society. Hence, the goal today I’m talking about is my long term goal, and it is a very noble thought of building an orphanage. I precisely remember when I was a small kid, my Gran father used to take me to a nearby orphanage there.

I used to feed and teach children to end toddler’s basic things like mathematics or basic concepts of science or language like English from that very nice age I was very much aware that we should always give it back to society and by the time I became a teenager going to the orphanage and spending time with underprivileged children became my passion and hobby so when I decided about my career stream I had this noble thought in my mind to build an orphanage home, so I have also planned many things for it like firstly from my salary some part I’m saving to build that orphanage home

secondly, I have also bought a piece of land in the nearby village so that I can start by constructing a small house and naming it an orphanage. I know that I would not start in urban centres in the initial stage because urban lands in urban areas are very costly. I’m very lucky that my wife is also the supporting role in this noble cause, and she has promised me that she will also save some parts from her salary. I have some friends working in some financial firms, and I have already started discussing with him that how much investment and how much loan it requires to build an orphanage in the urban area, so yes, to fulfil my dream

I know that I have to compromise with my working hours and my job. Still, I think when you have a strong determination and clear intention, the whole nature supports you for that idea. I will definitely achieve my dream because I’m not doing it for myself; I’m just doing it to serve underprivileged people, and I want to see smiles on those faces.

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Question 1. Should parents set goals for children?

Answer – I don’t think so that parents should intervene in the goal-setting process for their children. They should be like radar. They should be guiding their children, and whenever required, they should give their inputs, but All in all, children should decide their own goals.

Question 2. What would you feel if you couldn’t achieve your goals?

Answer – The most important thing about a goal is to try your best and give your 100% while working towards school. Whether you achieve it or not achieve it, it is destiny, and it is not in our hands, so we have to be 100% and live in the present moment, so I don’t mind failing multiple times to achieve my goals.

Question 3. When do young children start to set goals for themselves?

Answer – As far as I know, when children got into school, and they meet their counterparts or their friends, they start getting setting goals for themselves because at that very naive age and with innocent minds, they start comparing themselves with others so then they start off the competition and setting the goals in their life.

Question 4. Do Indian people usually set goals?

Answer – Yes, I guess setting goals has nothing to do with a specific country as people across the globe Indians are also very much determined and very much enthusiastic about their goals

Question 5. Why do people set goals?

Answer – I think goals are the guiding elements in everybody’s life, so without a specific goal, an individual is considered living a directionless life, in my view.

Question 6. Do people need to write down targets or just memorize them?

Answer – well, if I talk about myself, then I always like to pen down my goals so that I can remember them for a longer duration, so it goes for everyone. I think, in general, everyone should pen down their goals rather than just having them in their minds.

Question 7. Do you think people should talk to others about their goals?

Answer – This is a billion-dollar question, I must say, because an individual should take utter carelessness before sharing their goals with anyone because, in general, people don’t really care about your goals and your dreams. They just make fun, so I don’t think that you should, or anyone should share goals with anyone goals should be kept in the heart, and they are very sacred in my view.

Question 8. What is more rewarding, working towards the goal of achieving it?

Answer – Again this is an excellent question in my view journeys always beautiful than the destination it is rightly said by my favourite author Juli legal who is a famous Japanese traveller, and she says that it is not about achieving the goals all the time the journey is as beautiful as destination and we need to realise it every time when we are working towards our goals

Question 9. Do you think it’s important to have realistic goals?

Answer – Indeed, I think everyone should rationalise their goals, and they should think logically before setting any goals because if we set unreachable or unachievable goals, then we end up being stressed or we caught up by unnecessary or unrequired anxiety in our life

Question 10. Do young people and old individuals have different sorts of goals? What are they?

Answer – Well, this is a no brainer as young people are basically very enthusiastic. They are at the starting point of their career, so they think about climbing the corporate ladder, or they might think about pursuing their masters abroad; on the other hand, generation X people don’t have financial or, let’s say, academic goals they always have their family in their goals list like my father is always thinking about my sister’s marriage he’s not worried about earning, or he’s not worried about his promotion.

Question 11. Is it always necessary to have something to aspire to in the future?

Answer – Why not? I think aspirations always guide us in our life and they are very much required in each and every individual living on this planet, the earth, that is what I think.

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