Describe a Time when You Had to Wait for Something: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a time when you had to wait for something. Please say

  • What you were waiting for?
  • What happened?
  • What you did do while waiting?
  • And explain how you felt while waiting?

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You Had to Wait for Something

Every human has special urges for the thing they like, and no one wants to wait for it; everyone wants to buy as soon as possible and desires to be in hand the next moment they buy. The same thing happens to me when, finally, my father agrees to buy me a new laptop. The laptop for which I waited a lot is now going to be in my hands. It was my 19th birthday, and my father promised to buy me a present that I had been asking him for a very long time.

During my studies, it was quite difficult for me to use my old laptop due to its slow processing speed and old versions of software. I tried a lot to get it upgraded, but it was not possible to upgrade because it was too old. So, on my birthday, my father and I finally visited the hp shop in my city. When I told them the configuration, I wanted to the shopkeeper, and the seller told me about a new model launched by the company with the same description I gave him.

I immediately said yes, and my father also agreed with me, but then the shopkeeper told me that the model is brand new, so we don’t have it now and they need to order it and make it available in 2-3 days, but I want it on my birthday. Because I like the variant, I decided to wait for it. For three days, It was like the longest three days of my life.

Every day is like the year. Waiting is very difficult, that’s why I make myself busy with other work. While waiting, I realize that every day has 24 hours, and we waste it unknowingly without knowing the value of every second we can’t achieve something. Everyone has the same 24 hours. It is up to us how we manage it. My father always taught me that time management is the lesson that will benefit you in everyday life until you die. Punctuality is a duty and respect we give to our time.

From that day, I realized the value of time. After waiting for three days, the sales-man finally called me and asked me to visit the shop and told me that the laptop had arrived. After getting the laptop, I was so happy.

Follow-ups of Describe a Time when You Had to Wait for Something

Question 1. On what occasions do people have to wait every day?

Answer- Every day most people wait for someone or something, like passengers waiting for a bus or train. Children wait for their parents to be picked up after school. Workers wait for lunchtime and so on.

Question 2. Do you think people can’t wait to invent new technologies?

Answer- Yes, people can’t wait longer for something. In this digital era, everyone wants to have everything done just by snapping their fingers. Impatience is one of the human qualities. I was also impatient before.

Question 3. Why do people hate waiting?

Answer- People hate waiting because they consider their time important; although they waste a lot of time, waiting for someone is considered to be boring and time-consuming.

Question 4. Do you think in the past, people used to be more patient? Why?

Answer- Yes, people in the past were more patient because they were wise and knew everything in the universe needed time to occur.

Question 5. Are kids better at waiting than adults?

Answer- No, I don’t think kids are better at waiting. They get easily annoyed if they have to wait, but if they get busy with their mobile phone or something else, they forget about time.

Question 6. Can patience be taught to kids? How?

Answer- Yes, patients need to be taught to kids. Because during their lifetime, patience and calmness will help them to tackle the situation.

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