Describe an Incident When You Were Delayed or Late (2)

Describe an Incident When You Were Delayed or Late

Describe an incident when you were delayed or late. Please say

– What was it?

– What did you do?

– How did you get there?

Sample Answer of Describe an Incident When You Were Delayed or Late

Well, I’m always punctual and prefer to be punctual as it is a good manner and sign of a self-disciplined person. Well, it was a time when I was a university student. In the final semester, when results were declared, I was over the moon due to the fact that I achieved the second rank in my college.

My parents were so proud of me. After a short period of time, my college arranged a price distribution ceremony, and I was ranker, so obviously I was invited. But the situation was like that. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the message which was sent by the college organization.

When my class teacher noticed my absence from the event, she called me immediately and told me to reach there as soon as possible. My mind got blank, and for a moment, I was unable to decide what to do. But then I made up my mind to go there as it was an honourable day for me. I reached the venue by my moped.

As I entered the hall, the chief guest was in the centre of the stage, and everyone’s face was towards me. I was on seventh heaven as I entered like a chief person of the event. I was awarded by the minister of the town. It was an auspicious and memorable day for me.

Follow-ups of Describe an Incident When You Were Delayed or Late

Question 1:– What kind of transportation is popular in your country?

Answer:- The most common mode of transportation in my nation is the railway. More than 25 million people here in India use trains to transport on a daily basis. Apart from this, private vehicles are very popular among citizens. For instance, a car and a bike or a moped. While, on the other hand, many people use public transportation for their convenience.

Question 2:– What changes in transportation would you like to see in the future?

Answer:- If I talk about the changes in transportation, I would say everyone should opt for public transportation over private transportation as it contributes to a huge amount of air pollution. Also, I wish, through advancement in technology, more electric and solar vehicles would be there in public use. I believe government should construct more cycle paths so that the public as a whole get benefit from it and get encouraged to use them.

Question 3:– Do you think people will visit beautiful places in the future?

Answer:- Everyone likes to admire attractive and beautiful places, so yes, I think people would go to such landscapes every now and then when they get the chance to. Nowadays, people are earning more and working hard, so employers give them time to make a trip for relaxation, and usually, people go to eye-catching places, and I feel, in the future, the same would happen even at the double rate.

Question 4:– Thinking about tourism in general, is it a positive or negative development?

Answer:- Tourism is the most significant industry, which boosts the economy of the nation so I’m in favour of its positives. Because of the tourism sector, the country gets the inflow of foreign currency and also, many gets employment. Besides, the hospitality industry generates income as they provide accommodation and other amenities. People get a chance to interact with global citizens and companies, and this helps to build businesses at the international level, so I see tourism as a positive development.

Question 5:– Why do you think so?

Answer:- As I said, it generates higher income for the country, and many people earn bread and butter by providing services of the personal guard, coach of the camp, giving the tourist a personal treatment like spa and massage therapy.

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