Some People Consider Computers to Be More of A Hindrance than A Help

Some people consider computers to be more of a hindrance than a help. Others believe that they have greatly increased human potential. How could computers be considered a hindrance?

Many people take the computer as a barrier for humans and believe its hurdles have the edge over the benefits. At the same time, some are in favour of it and hold the notion that it expanded feasibility to a large extent. The following paragraphs outline some reasons behind the obstruction of using computers.

Automatic functions of computers lowered the intelligence and application of innovative ideas. Computers eliminated the use of pen and paperwork, which required an ample amount of time to complete the task. Usage of computers limited the intelligence and thinking process of the brain as it performs all the tasks itself just by putting input on it, and it provides output within a fraction of a second. For instance, excel programs of software are used for calculative and mathematical aspects. Hence, a person does not need to solve it by himself by applying formulas and tricks. Also, there is no need to remember long methods and techniques.

Furthermore, people adopted a sedentary lifestyle and became lazy by using computers. Nowadays, people can interact with any other person from any corner of the planet and can get whatever they want at their doorstep without going outside. Online shopping, for example, people can buy anything they wish to just by using an outsourced platform and ordering on it. Consequently, the traditional method of purchasing get vanished, and people became more obese. Moreover, all the information about every field is available at your fingertips. Therefore, the research process and trial and error were exterminated by the use of computers.

In conclusion, it can be reiterated that computer usage brings more disadvantages to users rather than a boon as it results in laziness and unintelligent people by eliminating the thinking process.

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