Describe Something You Do to Stay Healthy during Lockdown without Gym

Describe something you do to stay healthy during Lockdown without gym and exercise
You should say:

  • what it is
  • how often you do it
  • how you do it (or, how easy or difficult it is to do) and
  • explain how it helps to keep you fit.

Sample Answer of Describe Something You Do to Stay Healthy during Lockdown without Gym and exercise

In the contemporary world, people had enormous chances to engage in a variety of activities. If you have the time or mentality to learn something new, you will definitely get it. Today I would like to talk about one such activity I learned at lockdown time, which is Yoga.

Yoga had a vital role in our traditional and cultural beliefs, and our ancestors strictly follow its procedures. In the pandemic situation, all the gyms and other clubs were closed I am not able to follow my exercises. After one week, I got bored and if felt life is moving to a sedentary lifestyle. To overcome this pathetic situation, I started learning yoga with some social platforms and apps with my father.

Initially, it was difficult for me, and I familiarize myself the things easily with the help of youtube videos. Weekly, for five days, we practice yoga classes. For practising yoga, we required a serene atmosphere and mats and dress materials that will be loose to wear. I think it will help everyone to keep fit and healthy. Once we completed its stages, it provides a prolonged jubilant atmosphere. In my opinion, we must practice yoga regularly. Moreover, UNSECO initiates certain yoga programs worldwide.

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Question 1. What do old people in your country do to keep healthy?

Answer:- In my country, old people try to engage in enormous internal and external activities. For example, some of the workouts in gymnasiums, yoga classes and aerobics. Apart from this, they follow strict diet charts to be healthy.

Question 2. What kinds of sports are popular in India?

Answer:- Our nations are famous for diverse sports and sports activities. We are familiar with external games like cricket, football. Internal games like badminton, tennis and kabaddi also familiar.

Question 3. Do you think young people should play dangerous sports?

Answer:- Not exactly. In my opinion, nowadays young people show more enthusiasm to take part in prolonged dangerous games like rafting, racing, mountain biking and cycling. Once they got any serious accidents and injuries, they are not able to overcome them. For example, in Formula one, legend Micheal Shoomakar is still in bed from when he got accident years before.

Question 4. What else can people do to keep fit besides sports?

Answer:- First and foremost, the thing is eating healthy food and follow a strict diet. Secondly, be part of our yoga programs and follow its activities. In my opinion, yoga will help you to more vigilant and jubilant. In addition, cycling and swimming other two activities which help to be fit and healthy.

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