Many Believe that Living in a City Offers Greater Benefits Compared

Many believe that living in a city offers greater benefits compared to life in the countryside. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is universally accepted that people are affectionate to staying in cities rather than countryside because of the enormous facilities what they delivered. From my perspective, cities are a vital part of the state and ready to upgrade next levels each and every day.

First and foremost, the Urban side is always engaged in every area, and it is easily accessible to everyone. Fresh and newly introduced facilities and firstly implemented in the same side. Once those who taste the life of urban facilities they will never back to any other areas. Moreover, public facilities like schools, colleges, cinemas, banks, parks, hotels, hospitals, corporates and other holy places are mainly based in cities. In addition, for the upgraded facilities countrysides adapt these facilities from towns.

Secondly, as part of urbanization, most of the metropolitans are highly developed with roads and drainage systems. For instant, roads may be congested moreover, highly maintained and modernized in every corner. These areas fully covered with facilities like electricity, water, telephone and wifi. Rather than this, rental and owned places for living we can build asper our desire with diversity.

On the other hand, the countrysides are filled with a serene atmosphere and loyal people. They always ready to help each other and new well. There is no pollution disturbance like air, water, and voice. Similarly, there are huge variations in wages, prices and taxes.

To conclude, it is unavoidable and adequate all the facilities for human goodwill without any barriers, for these metros are the best examples.

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