Describe your most favorite season in your own country

Sample 1 ( The Spring Season )

Well, I belong to the Northern part of India and luckily we enjoyed five seasons every year such as summer, winter, spring, autumn at monsoon. However, I personally like the spring season most there are a plethora of reasons behind it.

It normally lasts from September to November each year in my country. In this season, the whole environment becomes pleasant and nice which makes the whole country beautiful or gorgeous. On the other side, another season has some drawbacks because of in which climate disorder or change. But in the Spring season, everything is perfect and nice. Nature always remains calm and sometimes there is light rain which helps to enjoy this season as well as to grow plants.

Spring SeasonHowever, During the winter season, temperature becomes very low or cold which forces other peoples to stay at home. In the rainy season, sometimes there is heavy rainfall which creates a problem for individuals or farmers. During the summer season, the temperature was too high, one cannot go outside without protective material such as sunscreen lotion or umbrella. On the flip side, in the spring, climate or temperature is moderate and pleasant.

There are some other reasons. Firstly, the spring is a good season to go outside for Hangout because the temperature is scratch and wind is always blowing calmly. Secondly, every side we see greenery pause new plant get a new look or grow in this season. Last but not least, all the surrounding environment are cleaner or enjoyable, often the sky looks blue and pleasant which is watching to treat. I personally like the spring season because I do not tolerate the cold or hot season.

Sample 2 ( The Winter Season )

Well, I’m lucky because I live in the Northern part of India. Hair I can enjoy five different seasons such as summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn and Monsoon seasons. But my most favorite season is winter. There are some reasons for it. I explain it briefly.

The winter season starts in November and ends in mid-February. During this time I enjoy myself as much as I can. First of all, I can wear woolen clothes during the winter season in order to protect my skin from Cold weather. I think this cold is a good rather than scorching heat of the sun in the summer season. In addition, many festivals come in this season such as Diwali, Christmas, New Year and so on. I love to enjoy these events with my near and dear ones. We distribute gifts and sweets to each other at these festivals.

The Winter season

Apart from it, in India, winter season Means season. Many people organize Wedding parties and I get a chance to visiting family functions. Human beings give more preference to the winter season for marriages of their children because dating the dad the weather remains a school these days. So, they can store sweets and other food for a long time. Moreover, in winter, I can eat dry fruits and other meals which are only available in this season such as maize chapatti with mustard leaves curry.

So I love the winter season for the above reasons. However, during this season, days are gloomy and fog creates problems for human beings. But I believe that every rose comes with thorns. Overall winter season is my favorite season which allows me to do many activities. Every year I wait for it to enjoy the best moments of my life.

Follow Up Questions-

What is the most comfortable season in your country?

Well, according to my point of view, the spring season is most comfortable than the rest of the seasons in India. During it, flora and fauna get a new life. It is also known as a romantic season because most people get married during this season. They start their new life with love and understanding.

Do other people like it?

Yes, of course, people like it very much. They enjoy the new life in flora and fauna. They also enjoy pleasant weather of spring season. In my area, farmers feel highly elated when they see crops in their fields. They enjoy this season by celebrating it just like a festival named “Basant Panchmi”. People wear yellow colored clothes during this festival.

How do seasonal changes affect kids?

Well, according to my point of view, it puts an impact on children in many ways. For instance, winter season affects children’s immune system because they have a weak immune system. Due to it, they may suffer from cough, cold and fever. So, I think that we should do some necessary arrangements in advance when the season is changing.

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