Some People Today Prefer to Get Advice for Medical Problems

Some people today prefer to get advice for medical problems and do not want to visit a doctor. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative development?

In this sophisticated world, most people had different types of medical conditions. Forcefully or unforcefully they are not ready to consult with medical practitioners just because they had the idea about their medical situation. In my personal opinion, it is a negative development for both individuals and society.

First and foremost, individuals can save the consultation and medicinal costs for minor medical conditions. Diseases like headaches and cough can cure by using instant medicine or balm those who easily available in small medical shops or markets. These low-cost medical supports may provide an easy cure for the patient. Moreover, somebody treated this as a wastage of money and time. For these small medical conditions, in multi-speciality hospitals, the practitioners approach CT scanning ECG and so on. If the patient had no severe medical condition it is utter wastage of money and time for the patient. Every individual cannot bear these extra costs.

On the other side, there is a chance for the individual to fell into the circumstances of the high risk. In the recent world pandemic disease, Corona has to identify those who effected after four to five days. If the affected person takes self-treatment this may be the cause for this death. The confirmation we get after a detailed swab test may help to confirm the presence of coronavirus. Once we get the confirmation we must take some sort of medical precautions like treatment and quarantine. Otherwise, this may cause widespread. this may cause a negative situation. In addition, the mutant of some particular diseases does not have any medicine in the current scenario.

Apart from this, self-treatment may cause another immense disease. Studies show that more than half of our population suffered from different types of diseases like Pressure, Sugar, and cholesterol. To restrict all these individuals must follow a strict diet and medical condition. Personal treatment may be the reason for destitute these medical situations. We must aware of this.

To conclude, it is highly appreciated that we must use our social and medical facilities for the betterment of individuals. For a better tomorrow, we must keep safe and try to avail our facilities.

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