Write a Letter to the Hr Manager Asking Him Why There’s No Response

Write a letter to the HR manager asking him why there’s no response after your interview which was taken 2 weeks ago. In your letter

– Describe your job.
– Why do you think the interview went well?
– Why are you waiting for the result of the interview?

Dear Mr Ben,

I am writing this letter with regards to, the discussion I attended two weeks before at your head office on 25-05-2021. As I imagined, the interview board kept their formalities with certain standards. I am looking forward to the final result with hope because I tried to attend to all the questions where the panel members asked.

As I mentioned in the interview, I have six years of relevant experience in the HR field and an MBA Post graduation with an HR specialization. I hope previous experience from an international organization like Google will help me to compete with others for the particular position. For the position of Assistant H R Manager,  qualities like Computer skills, communication skills, H R Skills and other interpersonal skills are mandatory, for the same background check-up will help you prove my statements.

I hope my performance with officials was quite good and they show courage to appreciate my adequate answers. Moreover, they all are impressed with m future plans and my immediate implementation plans in your organization. One official member insists that my initial assignment will be the employee wellness program.

Apart from this, I had several offers from another organization. I strongly believe that it is high time to settle my life with my respected family. The goodwill and popularity for your organization in this industry are quite astonishing and that is the key factor that plans to join your firm.

 Looking forward to your adequate reply.

Yours Sincerely

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