Some Systems Require Students to Specialize in A Limited Range of Subjects from The Age of Fifteen

Some systems require students to specialize in a limited range of subjects from the age of fifteen. Other systems require students to study a wide range of subjects until they leave school. What are the benefits of these two education systems, and which is better?

Few Institutions wants pupils to study a wide range of subjects till then they are in school. However, some systems mention that they should specialize in a particular field from the age of 15. I believe during school days pupils must have basic knowledge of every sector, and this essay will further explain the advantages of both kinds of education systems.

In this 21st century, students have multiple options to choose for their career, although children need some time to think because, at a very early age, he is unable to grab their favourite subjects such as arts, commerce and science. And if pupils have a good knowledge of each subject, then he is capable of understanding which one is good as per their understanding and liking. For example, when I was in 10th grade, I studied physics, chemistry, math’s, Accountancy, Economics and later I built my area of interest after judging the entire syllabus and my passion and today I am a Chartered Accountant with basic knowledge of science which also further help in day to day life.

On the other hand, if students choose their profession during school time and limit their subject as per their career this further helps them to specialize in a particular field and also they have enough time to learn and understand the basics instead of focusing on irrelevant subjects which they do not likes. For example, one of my cousins Mr Rahul, had selected home science as a subject at a very early age in the 6th grade and started practising on it and during school days, he won several awards on cookery, and now he is working with a 5-star hotel as a Master chef.

All in all, if students have a wide range of knowledge from various subjects and fields, then there are multiple options available in practical life and help them to switch his field as per his passion and liking.

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