The Graphs below Show the Global Robotics Market during 2000 and 2025 Based on Sectors

The graphs below show the global robotics market during 2000 and 2025 based on sectors. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The graphs below show the global robotics market during 2000 and 2025 based on sectors

The given bar chart and table, between 2000 and 2025, illustrate the data regarding the size of the worldwide robotics market and the size of the global robotics market by four different sectors, respectively.

Concerning the market size of robotics, in general, since 2000, the trend has been increasing steeply. According to the figure, the market size of artificial humans was 8 billion dollars. Furthermore, after one decade, 7 billion dollars was increased in market size and made up 15 billion dollar market. One year ago, Due to an increase in the demand for human-machine, production of the robot had surged and market value at 42 billion dollars in 2000. As we can see, it is forecasted that the size of the robot market will rise around 68 billion dollars in the following five years.

Moving to the sector of robots are used, the year 2000, the higher number of robots were used in the industrial division, where market size accounted for 4 billion dollars while it had no access to personal uses. After that, the noticeable increments in the utilisation in companies in next 15 years and made up the market size 11 billion dollars. In terms of commercial and defence departments, from 2015 to 2020, the size of the market trend had increased 4 to 10 billion dollars and 5 billion dollars to 10, respectively. In the last, it is predicted that in 2025, across the world, the market size of the private, commercial, industrial and military sectors will make up 9, 16, 26 and 15 billion dollars market, consequently.

Overall, the market value of robotics around the world has been rising in all sectors. Particularly, the industrial sector has made the robotics market high from 2000 onwards.

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