When the vehicle you were travelling in broke down

Sample 1 ( bike chain-set was broken )

Vehicles are a big convenient for human beings because these help us to reach our destination. In my town, both types of transportation are available for public transport and private vehicles. Usually I use public transportation for long distances but on the other hand, I use transportation for short distances. I feel comfortable when I use my vehicle.

bike chainset was brokenWell, here I would like to talk about the time when my vehicle broke down on the way. I describe it briefly. About 2 months ago, I was coming back to my home after attending college. I was traveling on my own bike. On the road suddenly, my bike stopped. I couldn’t start it again. I tried so much what all was gone in vain.

Then I checked the problem in it. I could not understand what has happened to it. Then I took a tool kit from the toolbox of my bike. I saw that the chain-set was broken that’s why I was unable to start it. But it was impossible for me to take a bike to a garage for repair. For God’s grace, on the time I had a phone number of the mechanic. So I called him via phone. He reached after 15 minutes. I requested him for my bike.

He checked it properly and told me that it needs to change the chain-set of the bike. I said to him to do so. Then he repaired it. This process took about 30 minutes. After that, I thank him for this service as well as I paid him.

In the end, I start my bike again and start my journey to reach my home. Thank God, I had a number of that mechanic who helped me in difficult situations. Overall, that was the time when I was traveling by bike but unfortunately, it broke down. I know it was a challenging situation for me but I survived well in it.

Sample 2 ( Car Tire problem in Journey )

Well, it is irrefutable that, transport makes our life more comfortable and convenient. According to me, especially car is the more convenient mean of traveling and I also use this mode more than others. Although it makes our life easier, we cannot totally rely on machines. Because sometimes it may be halt or stop in between of our journey. I faced a few times the situation with me and I will explain one of these.

Car Tire problem in JourneyLast year, I went to Mussoorie with my family in order to enjoy my summer vacation. We started our journey at 6 o’clock. We borrowed a car from my uncle which is 4 x 4 Toyota. I thought it was good to travel on it in hill stations. Before started our journey, I checked the gas and engine of the car.

When we reached 200 kilometers away from our house, then suddenly, my husband felt some problems with the car due to loss of control of the vehicle. He realized that something went wrong with the vehicle. we parked the car on the left side and checked it.

We noticed that the tire of the car was flat. Luckily, we had one spare tire with us so, my husband changed it. It took 10 to 15 minutes. After it, we started our journey again. The distance of few kilometers, we saw a mechanical shop so we halted there in order to repair our flat tire because we could not want to face this trouble again.hence, this was a situation when my vehicle broke down on road.

Follow Up Questions–

Do people like private vehicles or public vehicles for travelling?

Well, If I talk about my country,India, then People like both type of transportation public and private. They use public vehicles for travelling to long distances such as bus, train, plane and so on. On the other hand, they use their own vehicles to reach at short distance places like bike, bicycle, car and so on.

Do you think private vehicles are responsible for air pollution?

Well, private vehicles release carbon emissions in the environment. It may contain more dangerous gases which are responsible for air pollution. Nowadays, vehicle manufacturing companies adds an air filter in automobile in order to preserve environment from degradation.

Can you drive any vehicle?

Yes, I can drive scooter and bike. I use my bike to go to college. I wants to learn driving a car. For this, I shall join a driving school.

Should government ban private vehicles in city centers?

Yes, they should do it but only cars, lorries, heavy vehicles because these vehicles are main cause of traffic in city center. Authorities should allow just bicycles or bikes in such the areas. This method can help to reduce traffic congestion in crowded places also.

Do you think you will use your bike in future as you are using in the present time?

Well, future is unpredictable. But I think that I shall purchase my own car and  start using it. I believe that travelling in car is more safe rather than bikes due to accidents.

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