You Have Been Placed in A New Job the Same as Your Friend GT Writing Task 1

You Have Been Placed in A New Job the Same as Your Friend: GT Writing Task 1

You have been placed in a new job the same as your friend who is working for another company. Write a letter to your friend to ask for help. In the letter, you should tell:-

  • what the problem is?
  • how your friend can solve it?
  • tell him the meeting arrangements and details?

Dear Ivy,

It is with much joy that I write to you. How have you been? I’m so happy to inform you that I have just been appointed as the new supervisor of the pattern making department of my workplace.

I know you must be excited to hear this since you occupy the same position at your workplace, which brings me to why I’m writing to you. I need your help. I know you’ve been in this position for a while now, so I’m hoping you can give me some advice on building and sustaining a reputation for meeting deadlines and keeping customers happy.

If it isn’t a bother, I’m hoping to organize a seminar for my team members where you can come and give a talk on how to go about the areas mentioned earlier. Is the 29th of this month okay with you? that will be a Monday.

Please let me know in your reply to this letter. Looking forward to seeing you and learning from your vast wealth of experience. We might even get to catch up on old times.

Yours truly,

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