Young People Who Commit Crimes Should Be Punished Similarly to Adults

Young People Who Commit Crimes Should Be Punished Similarly to Adults. Do You Agree or Disagree with This Statement?

Everyone must abide by the law seriously. Lawbreakers should be punished strictly. It is believed that similar punishment should be given to young people committing crimes as adults. The points related to the agreement and disagreement will be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs. I support this viewpoint.

Undoubtedly, young people should not be punished in a similar way as adults because juveniles are not fully emotionally and mentally developed. They do such activity under some influence. They do not know the consequences of the crime they commit. For example, a teenage boy in my locality killed one of his classmates due to some rivalry issues. Later on, it was found that he did it under the influence of his friends. Spontaneously, That boy’s aggression forced him to commit a murder. Moreover, juveniles suffer mental health issues, due to which they attempt such wrong actions. Next, juveniles have their career ahead, which should not be deteriorated at any cost. Young people must be allowed to realise their mistakes and learn from them so that they must grow positively in their life again. It can only be possible if they are provided with proper medical counselling. After that, they can give their career a new start and could start their life all over again.

However, in my view, there should not be the business in the punishment of both youngsters and adults. My supporting argument is that punishment is the only way through which a person realise their mistakes. It applies to all, whether youngsters or adults. If juveniles are given punishment for the crime they commit, they would realise that it is in return for something wrong they did. There should not be the business in this case. Otherwise, there might be chances of repeating crimes by them. The second one is that this is the only way by which the victim gets justice. For instance, in India, a teenager killed two females with proper planning, but in this case, the punishment was not declared for that boy. If punishment is given to an individual, the victim gets justice .so. To provide justice and equality for which law stands, Juveniles must be punished.

To conclude, Although there are opposing views on the topic, I support my viewpoint that juveniles must be punished as this is the only medium through which they would realise the mistakes they did, and it will be a justice for victims.

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