Individuals Can Do Nothing to Protect the Environment: Writing Task 2

Individuals can do nothing to protect the environment, and only governments and big companies can make a difference. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

People cannot do it to stop the hazards from developing in the earth’s atmosphere. For that, governments, as well as hi-fi industries, can change the world. This essay will further interpret my views for favouring the positive impact of this trend and finalise with a logical conclusion.

First and foremost, lawmakers are the only organisation who can have the authority to make any type of law that is beneficial for the country and its citizens. Even in some nations, this work is done by big companies too. They can work on all needful for the environment and give strict orders to the local public to follow their given commands. To illustrate, in India, citizens cannot do anything without any sign from management. If they try to disobey the statement, then this will be a crime and leads to jail of 18 years.

Furthermore, those who have proper funds to fulfil the damage can only take responsibility for the atmosphere’s problems, so only governments and huge industries can do this. Moreover, for doing one work a lot of money will be spent in this modern world, so making a decision is a very hard thing because firstly they have to think about money. For instance, in the USA, management is taking a large amount of tax from the citizens, and this money will be used to cure the bad situation in the biosphere.

To sum up, in this contemporary era, individuals cannot do anything to protect the environment, but governments and large manufacturers can make up a variation. I tend to agree with the given statement because democracy does not have the legal power and the needful amount, which can blow out the problems of the atmosphere.

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